Broadchurch Season 2 | TV Review


Last semester while I was abroad in London, I fell into a routine of only watching British shows in order to “immerse myself in the culture” or something like that. That, plus my undying love for David Tennant, led me to watch all eight episodes of Broadchurch Season 1 in a very short period of time. Within the past couple weeks, I’ve slowly found the time to catch up on Season 2, and I finally watched the season finale a couple nights ago.


To be completely honest, I was a little disappointed with Season 2. It just…wasn’t the same. There were still some remnants of Season 1: DI Hardy (Tennant), his beard, and his Scottish accent were back in full force; the dysfunctional citizens of Broadchurch who had all seemed so suspicious in Season 1 were still lurking around town; and, most importantly, the Hardy/Miller (Olivia Colman) dynamic duo was back fighting crime and refusing to call themselves friends.

This season revolved around two main storylines: Joe Miller (Matthew Gravelle) is on trial for the murder of Danny Latimer, and new information emerges about the Sandbrook case that put DI Hardy’s career in shambles. Again, all the same characters were there, but it just didn’t feel the same. In Season 1, I really connected with a lot of the accused citizens, to the point where I would have been pretty shocked about who killed Danny no matter who it ended up being. This season, the big “whodunit” was the reemergence of the Sandbrook case, but as for the outcome, I really didn’t care. All of the suspects seemed like annoying, horrible people with zero redeeming qualities, and I kind of just wanted them all to go to jail. Besides, without the involvement of the whole town as with Danny’s case, I didn’t really get a sense for who the murdered girls were or that anyone actually cared that they were dead.

I definitely found Joe Miller’s trial to be the most intriguing part. I liked the dynamic and sense of unsettled history between the attorneys, and Jocelyn (Charlotte Rampling) and Sharon (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) quickly became two of my favorite characters. I also liked the focus on the Latimer family and how they were learning to exist without Danny. There certainly wasn’t as much action and intrigue as Season 1, but I think one of the strengths of Broadchurch is its ability to make you care about the characters, not just the plot. I also liked that we got a glimpse of Hardy’s past in Sandbrook and his relationship with his daughter and ex-wife, who were only mentioned in passing in the first season.

To be honest, although there was still a lot of interaction between Hardy and Miller, I didn’t really feel like their relationship went anywhere. I definitely don’t ship them, but I definitely friendship them. I loved their dynamic in Season 1 and the way they’re afraid to admit that they actually care about each other, but I still wanted more. I mean, come on, Miller’s husband is on trial for murder and they can’t talk about anything but Claire (Eve Myles) and her refusal to stay away from her creepy husband?

I’ll definitely continue watching Broadchurch for as long as it’s still airing. I think David Tennant and Olivia Colman are brilliant. I think the cinematography (is cinematography still a think in television shows?) is beautiful and enticing. And I’m hoping, as the show progresses, the plot lines will get more interesting and reflect the first season a little bit more.

What did you think of Season 2?



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